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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is it free to advertise my for sale by owner listing on
A. Yes.

If I sell my home by owner how much do I owe you?
A. Nothing, We do not charge a commission to for sale by owners to advertise on our site.

Q. If I don't sell my home by owner and decide to list with a real estate company, do I have to list with Shepherd Realty?
A. No, you are under no obligation to list your home with us. We would love the opportunity to sell your home if you decide to list with real estate company, but you are not required to list with us. Please be sure to let us know if you do list with another company so we can remove your for sale by owner listing.

Q. You don't get nothing for free, how much does it cost to put my for sale by owner on here?
A. Nothing, really! It's free to advertise your home on here for as long as you are trying to sell it for sale by owner.
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