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After price, marketing is probably the second most important step when it comes to selling your property.

Marketing tip #1, use the Internet. Total time spent online rose 24.3 percent from the fall of 2006 to the fall of 2007. Yes, people are still scoping out newspaper classified ads and real estate listing magazines, but more and more Americans have been wired to at least start their home shopping online.

You have many options when advertising online and best of all, many of them are FREE. You can even advertise your home for sale on our site for free. Some other suggestions are, and

Local daily and weekly newspaper readership is declining, but it's still a desired place to advertise a home for sale. Even non-subscribers will buy a Sunday newspaper to look at the ads of homes for sale. Some local weeklies offer great rates on display ads, too, so you can include a photograph of the home for sale. But your ad copy should sparkle and be designed to attract attention. Don't make a home selling mistake by abbreviating too many words or trying to cram everything into three lines to save money.

Always remember when writing your ads that buyers are looking at your and trying to find a reason not to buy, don't give them that reason! Keep it simple, make them want to call you.
Its also a good idea to visit the Fair Housing website to make sure you're not accidently discriminating in your home selling efforts.

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